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In response to unprecedented public pressure, Ethiopia is undergoing national renewal. Ethiopians demand for democracy and respect for basic rights is evident. Pervasive human rights violation, an environment that made it impossible for civil society and political parties to function, weak democratic institutions
and an enfeebled media have been the defining characteristics of the governance landscape.

To address the widespread discontent with politics and government, the Government of Ethiopia is undertaking a comprehensive reform program with a strong commitment to uphold rule of law and build a robust democratic system. With this end in view, the process of revising the laws that have proved to be detrimental to fundamental civil and political rights is underway. The new Civil Society Law, the revision of the Anti-terrorism proclamation, the revision of the electoral and media law regimes are notable examples of the drive to ensure respect for fundamental rights, rule of law and democracy.

Furthermore, the government has brought about a change in the leadership of key democratic institutions including the judiciary and the National Electoral Board. The overriding objective of these reform efforts is to ensure that the norms and institutions established in these legislations are compatible with relevant human rights standard.